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Why it pays to prune your plants

Pruning is a practice that changes the form and growth of a plant. One of the most important aspects of pruning is that it is preventive maintenance. Many problems can be averted by pruning plants early and, when they need it, often.


Promote your plant's health with professionally done pruning. Damaged branches on plants sap the plant of energy that could be put to better use promoting new growth.

How to trim your plants

You should trim your plants to control their size. Trimming keeps evergreens well-proportioned and removes unwanted branches, waterspouts, suckers, and undesirable fruiting structures that detract from plant appearance.

Have you saved yourself time?

When you mulch your garden it helps maintain even moisture levels and prevents the top layer of soil from drying out which enables water to move more easily and to be absorbed by the soil. This means less watering for you.

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How to do all this in one simple step

Just give us a call at Martinez Lawncare & Landscaping where we can help you with all of your pruning, trimming, and mulching ideas. Give us a call and we can talk so we can get the right solution for your garden.